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$ Prize money Canadian MAX players have earned

Maximum Darts Spring Lineup

Here are the upcoming leagues. Registration is open. 4.25 cap and 5.25 cap will be starting Sunday March 18.

League Payout Report – MX3A01

 Payouts will be sent to players via PayPal Friday, Jan 24. Each MaxDarts player earned 20 valuable MAX Advantage...

Important information for PPD All Star Triples tournaments

 Please ensure you are familiar with the rule changes from the PPD. There are severe consequences for violations. Jim Turntine uploaded a file in th group: Dart Leagues - PPD North America - supported by: Horizon Dart Co. December 21, 2017 at 2:24pm · January All Star...

Complete the new W8 Tax Exemption form NOW!

Everyone participating in the USA based PPD tournaments must complete a Tax Withholding form before they can register for the events. With the All Star Triples coming up Jan. 20, you need to jump on this and get it completed. In the past we were required to complete a...

Friday Knights Remote Tournament Jan 5

Jan 2, 2017 Brackets: (posted 2 hours prior to tournament start) Doubles 7.5 MPR Cap: Detailed Stats will be updated the day after the...

Friday Knights Remote Tournament Dec 29

Tonight's event cancelled. The next one is Jan. 5 Details and register on our calendar  by Thursday, Jan 4 If a bracket doesn't fill, players will be offered the choice of moving to another bracket or a refund. Here are the brackets we would like to fill: (cap is...

Friday Knights Remote Tournament Dec 15

We had a popup event. A bunch of the NoCap players wanted to try to collect the $50 bounty on Dave Cameron. They failed to deliver and Dave Excalibur Cameron has won 4 in a row! It was yet another Excalibur vs Snowman finals going all five games. The stats...

Friday Knights Remote Tournament Dec 8

Results Posted Friday Dec. 8, 2017. Details and register on our calendar  Singles with 2 cap levels No cap 3.99 MPR Cap December 8: No Cap Brackets: 3.99 Cap Brackets:...

Super Saturday Dec 9, 2017

EXCLUSIVE EVENT FOR MAXIMUM DARTS MEMBERS Players must be actively playing in a PPD Extreme League These players are eligible to win up to $13,000 USD in bonus money for this one day event!   MAX Member PPD Bonus Pool MAX Super Pool Catherine...

Friday Knights Remote Tournament Dec. 1

Friday Dec. 1, 2017. Details and register on our calendar Singles No cap - Winner Dave Cameron of Halifax, NS (5.48 ) That's 2 weeks in a row! Singles 3.99 MPR cap - Randy Moffat of Guelph, ON (3.94) Singles 2.99 MPR cap - Glenn Monaghan of Bolton, ON...

Friday Knights Remote Tournament Nov 24

Congratulations to the champions, Dave Cameron, and Colin Forsyth. Details and register on our calendar  November 24 Brackets: (posted 2 hours prior to tournament start) Singles No Cap: Singles 3.50 MPR...

First MAX Advantage Bonus Pools of the Season

Woohoo!! We had our first MAX Advantage bonus pool payouts in two leagues. These were the first two MAX leagues of the season and paid out a total of $4,060 with $1200 in MAX Advantage bonuses. Adam Stella & Dennis Woodcock were the highest finishing Gold status...

League Payout Report – MX4B17

 Payouts will be sent to players via PayPal Friday, Nov. 24 Each MaxDarts player earned 20 valuable MAX Advantage...

League Payout Report – MX4A17

 Payouts will be sent to players via PayPal Friday, Nov. 24 Each MaxDarts player earned 20 valuable MAX Advantage...

Friday Knights Remote Tournament Nov 17

The first Friday Knights tournament was great! We had nothing but positive feedback and the consensus is that this is going to grow into something HUGE! A very special thanks to the brave 8 who ventured out to give it a spin and help us work out the kinks....

SuperMAX is LIVE!!!

We launch the first SuperMAX league on Sunday Nov.17, 2017. A SuperMAX is basically the high roller version of a regular MAX+ league. This one has a doubles team cap of 9.0 MPR so there are going to be incredible matches. I wish we could livestream them all. $3,700 in...

MAX+ Match Formats

We are experimenting with the MAX+ match format based on feedback, so please keep it coming. For the Tuesday 6.0 Cap, we are keeping the split bull/master out format for the 501 games. The league is standard handicap. (501-301).For the higher cap leagues, we'll use...

League Startup – Tuesday MAX+ 6.0 CAP

The MAX+ Tuesday 6pm CST 6.0 CAP league starts today. Schedule is posted on the calendar. There is a bye spot to fill and will only remain open until Nov 28. If you want to sign up just register at...

Dave Switzer Celebration Event Dec. 2, 2017 – Don’t Miss It!!!

Sign up for the event here On a fateful day in July, 2017, while travelling home from visiting friends Dave's life was drastically changed in the blink of an eye. Dave was in a very serious car accident with extensive injuries that left him in hospital for quite a...

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