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PPD All Star Triples Remote Tournament

January 20 @ 1:30 pm - 11:00 pm

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An event every month that begins at 1:30pm on day Third of the month, repeating until June 16, 2018

This is a monthly event managed by Partners Promoting Darts. It is open to all players participating in sanctioned PPD Extreme Leagues.

Maximum Darts does not host or manage these events. We do have a lot of members competing since we area a sanctioned partner and our members are permitted to compete in PPD Extreme leagues.


Notes from Partners Promoting Darts:

Play may begin as early as you’d like but matches won’t be moved on the bracket until 1:30pm cst. All matches must be started by 2:00pm cst, matches not started by 2:10pm cst are subject to forfeiture.

Players are expected to arrive early and to play at least one casual remote game to ensure connectivity to internet is constant and trouble-free. Tournament play is not held up for machine internet connection issues. If problems are discovered prior to tournament forfeit time, PPD staff will work to move a team to another location/board if time allows and there are other nearby location/board options. If time does not allow, team will be turned in to a bye and a refund of their entry fee will be issued via PayPal.


1, Communication is required: Players must call opposing team prior to each tournament match cork and all players must confirm phone list prior to event forfeit time.

a. PPD provides a phone list via player account several hours prior to tournament forfeit time to each participant’s email address as provided during the registration process. Players must review phone list to verify their team’s listed phone number is correct. When a phone number is found to be incorrect the team must notify tournament staff prior to 30 minutes before forfeit time to enable staff to provide an updated/corrected phone list to all participants.

b. Every team must speak – or text, via phone, to the opposing team before each match cork. Make the call – or text – to, or answer the call from, an opposing team before each match cork. This is required to ensure the proper game is selected per the event format and to prevent match delays or any other problem.

c. Failure to answer a call – or text – from an opposing team prior to any match will result in forfeiture of the first game of the match when, once reported to staff, the phone remains unanswered. When a PPD staff call goes unanswered the team immediately loses the first game of the match. Staff will make an effort to contact the missing team as soon as possible after receiving notification of communication failure from an opposing team. If the phone does not work for any reason or the call is unanswered for any reason, the first game of the match is immediately lost. Then, after three minutes, if communication remains severed; the second game of the match is lost and so on every three minutes until the entire match is forfeited – for matches in excess of two games.

2, Forfeit time: Tournament forfeit times are always Central Standard Time CST.

3, When to start tournament play: Tournament matches may begin at any time after 30 minutes prior to posted forfeit time and must start prior to posted forfeit time.

a) Delayed-start/ forfeit: Matches not started at or prior to forfeit time must be reported to PPD staff for forfeiting procedures to begin. Delayed-start team must report the no-show team on Facebook Extreme-Team Dart league group page to enable PPD staff to contact/confirm missing team status at posted forfeit time. Missing team must answer PPD call, explain a valid reason for the delay and start the match prior to 2:10 or forfeit first game of match, or entire match, depending upon circumstances at PPD staff discretion.

b) Failure to report a delayed start: All delays, including first round delays, must be reported to PPD staff immediately. Match start times are recorded by the machine and monitored by PPD staff while processing the bracket. Staff is always alerted by a lagging match on the bracket. When a delayed match is found to have not been reported, both teams will lose the first game of the next available match. PPD staff will notify all four teams, involved in the subsequent matches, of the first game loss as soon as possible. If a subsequent match has already begun (beyond the cork, with darts thrown in a match game) the penalty game-loss is carried to the next match-round for the yet to be applied penalty.

4. Updating machines/data transfer: Transferring data between dart machines and PPD office requires tripling the 20 segment six-seven times while machine is in non-remote league set-up screen. Players must manually load tournament data prior to forfeit time to begin the first match and then following each tournament match to send the data to PPD staff. The machine will indicate “data transfer” after tripling the 20s as described. Transferring data takes a few moments to update the servers for the next match to be posted to the live tournament bracket.

5. Finding your bracket: Live brackets are found at by clicking on the “PPD All-Star Triples Events” icon, then selecting your bracket from the list if from a pc or by typing your name in the search box from a mobile device or tablet. Each team/location must have a handheld internet access device during the tournament (I-phone, I-pad laptop, pc, etc.) to enable live viewing of tournament bracket. Bracket names match league code name used for the tournament matches. For example a capped and flighted team in the fourth flight is named Level 4. PPD staff provides bracket info, league codes and a phone list via player account several hours prior to tournament forfeit time.

6. Advancing on the bracket: All teams must watch the web bracket and start matches within five minutes of the prior match end or sooner, if possible. This means, in most cases, prior to seeing the second team move up on the bracket.

a) When your team advances and you can see the next team on the bracket waiting for your next match – call the team within five minutes and start the match. The bracket will catch up later. You must initiate the phone call to the opposing team because they will not know your team has advanced.

7. Match delays: PPD staff will monitor each bracket to react to delays and reports of delays. PPD staff can track match-end times on League-Leader as a benchmark to determine which team(s) is contributing to a delay.

a) Failure to start a match = penalty: Failure to start a match within five minutes while holding up another team will result in a penalty loss of first game in subsequent match when another team is held waiting on the bracket. If, the delay is not discovered before that subsequent delayed match has begun (beyond the cork, with darts thrown in a match game) the penalty game-loss is carried to the next match-round for the yet to be applied team loss.

8. When to cork: Corking is done before each match to determine Home Team, which Home Team then throws first. Corking is also done when a tie breaker is needed.

9. Who corks first when corking: The team on the top of any match as seen on the bracket corks first. Who goes first in corking remotely has no material influence on the corking outcome or the eventual game outcome because there are no darts in the board, each player throws, as in a traditional cork. This method is merely used to keep things moving.

10. How to cork: The cork is a one round game of count up with a double bull as found on the league selection menu. Each team elects a player to cork. The selected player will throw all three darts. The highest score after three darts for each team wins the cork unless there is a tie, in which case, then the other two players on the teams also throw three darts to attempt to break the tie. The count up game will show the second player on each team stacked. The second players only throw if there is a tie. If there is no tie then corking is complete after the first player on each team has thrown three darts. If not a tie, someone from each team merely clears the game out by manually hitting any target through the second player round. Corking game data is deleted from player details. If, in extraordinary circumstances, there is still a tie after both people on each team have thrown three darts, then repeat the process until the tie is broken.

11. Player Substitutions. Substitution is allowed up 2 hours before competition begins. If substituting a player in a capped event the new player must be equal to or less than the person being replaced.

12. Protests: Tournament protest of player shooting out of order or etcetera. No protest allowed at this time. Play at own risk. PPD understands this is a serious concern. A process is being developed to deal with these sorts of concerns. Implementation will come when the process now being developed is complete.

a) No re-corking or re-starts. It is both team’s responsibility to know all the rules listed herein and to know the format of the event. A game played – counts. A match once started is not restarted for any reason. A game set-up error is not restarted after the game has begun. A game has begun when a dart has been thrown by either team in the game. If, after a game has started, it is discovered that the wrong game was selected, the game is played to its conclusion and counted for match scoring. Revert back to the correct format in subsequent games of the match.

b) Failure to cork or cork properly Is not cause for a re-start or re-cork after a match game has begun. A game has begun when a dart has been thrown by either team in the game. If the wrong game was selected during the set-up process or if the wrong team was selected for home team (first throw) – the game is played to its conclusion and counted for match scoring.

13. Expected etiquette: All Extreme-Team league rules regarding good sportsmanship apply. PPD does not tolerate poor sportsmanship or unethical conduct and will take action wherever appropriate. Negative, aggressive or abusive behavior of any kind will result in penalty. PPD reserves the right to address misconduct once reported stemming from any darting activity including but not limited to remote tournament play or other darting activity whether sanctioned PPD activity or not. Bad behavior will result in disciplinary action and/or expulsion from the PPD and from PPD activities including tournament and league play privileges at sole discretion of the PPD.

Format for All Star Series – Triple Elimination Events (Race to two, unless posted otherwise):

** Cork to determine Home Team for first game of each match and tie breaker games. Home team starts first game of first round. Loser of game one starts game two, tie breakers cork again to determine who is “Home team” to start the final game of a match.

1) First round and Winner’s side of bracket for first two rounds and Final round –

• Race to 2 –Cricket with Cricket tiebreaker on winner’s side.

o ADDED GAMES – Winners side round four (4): Race to 3 in round four with same game order through tiebreaker, loser starts each game until tiebreaker (if needed)… Cricket … Cricket tiebreaker if needed.

2) Loser’s Side – Race to 2 – Cricket, 701. Tiebreaker – 701.

3) Last Chance side – ONE game of 701.

Note: Cricket games are set to cut off at 20 rounds. 701 games are stacked score open in/open out with a full (50 point) bull. Cork is one round count-up with double (25 red/50 black point) bull.

The Shooters Advantage – used onsite at the TOC – A dart thrown that sticks, but does not score or appear on the darts thrown count on the monitor due to a game malfunction may be scored manually by agreement of both teams… only after the action is agreed upon. A dart that “flights” another dart as it goes in is left scored as the board decides. If the dart counted on the monitor then it is not to be manually scored. Only darts that were not registered by the machine due to a machine malfunction or thrown too soon can be dealt with by backing up the game and manually scoring – and then, only with both teams in agreement. Stop the match by pressing the back-up button, call the other team and explain what you need to do… this will stop the shot clock, if necessary you may continue to push the back-up button until the situation can be discussed in detail with opposing team.


January 20
1:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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