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2017-2018 MAX Advantage Leaderboard / Bonus Pools



This $2,000 bonus pool is available to players that showed their faith and followed us into the reboot of the MaxDarts leagues

We are humbled and honored in your trust in our leadership to take charge and lead the way.

We are all creating something really fantastic together.

There are many cool things in the works so stay tuned and keep the faith!


This list will be updated weekly on Wednesdays and finalized once registration closes on Friday Aug. 17 at 10:00 am.

Players with at least 100 games played in the rebooted MAX leagues (since Mar 1, 2018) are eligible for a piece of the pie.

There are 3 bonus categories, GOLD – SILVER – BRONZE

The highest finishing player(s) in each category will split the prize pool.


+++ MAD MAX tournaments award bonus points that add to your MAX league points to open the door to higher prizes and exclusive invites

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Who can play in this event?

Event is open to all league players that have played at least 6 league matches (MAX or PPD leagues) on a Maximum Darts board in the past 12 months (technically since July 15, 2017)

The bonus pools are only available to MAX league players active since March 1, 2018 and have played at least 100 games.

It’s fair because they are the ones that contributed to the bonus money being offered at this particular event.


How much does each bracket pay?
Each bracket pays out 25% of the field. Uneven number of players will be adjusted accordingly




Prize amounts are based on how many players are in the bracket since 100% of entry fees are returned as prize money.

For example:

  • 8 players = Top 2  (+3rd gets entry fee returned)
  • 12 players = Top 3 (+4th gets entry fee returned)
  • 16 players = Top 4 (+5th gets entry fee returned)

Brackets with less than 8 players will still be paid out a minimum of (Entry Fees x 8)*

*added prize money from tournament fund

Is the Bonus money paid out to every bracket?
The bonus pools apply to ALL the brackets in the tournament and are shared by ALL the players in each bonus level. The GOLD bonus pool is $1,000 and available to ALL the players with GOLD designation.

The highest finishing GOLD player(s) will win the pool regardless of which bracket they played in.

If two GOLD players both come in 1st place in different brackets, they will share the $1,000.

The same applies to the separate SILVER and BRONZE pools.

Do I have to come in 1st place to win the bonus money?
No. The highest finishing player from the pool wins the money.

For example, if you are GOLD and finish 5th place in your bracket and everyone else in GOLD finished 6th or less, you would be the highest finishing GOLD players and take home the entire $1,000 yourself.

Technically if you were the only GOLD in the tournament, you are guaranteed to be the highest finishing GOLD and get the bonus money. This isn’t likely, but it should help you get the idea how it works.

If I win bonus money do I still get paid for winning the bracket?
YES. Any money you earn in the bracket is yours and bonus money is a bonus!

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