We launch the first SuperMAX league on Sunday Nov.17, 2017. A SuperMAX is basically the high roller version of a regular MAX+ league.

This one has a doubles team cap of 9.0 MPR so there are going to be incredible matches. I wish we could livestream them all.

$3,700 in prize money for an 8 team/14 week league. That’s tournament style payouts in a league! Of course, those kind of premium payouts come with a premium league fee also. $20 per player per match and a $50 buy-in at the start of the season. Other than a nominal greens fee for the games played, all the rest is dropped into the prize pool.

SuperMAX leagues have some unique features.

#1 – The $50 buy in

  • The sole purpose of this is to juice up the prize money. It is 100% added to the prize pool
  • We could have used Paypal to collect the money, but instead we chose to add some competitive fun to it
  • Each player will pay the $50 to play a registration league that is one game of “Countup” vs their partner
  • The team with the highest combined score will win their $100 registration fee back ($50 each)
  • You’re not trying to beat your partner. You are both trying to maximize your score
  • And it’s played on the 13″ dart head!!
  • You can’t cancel and start over. You can only play it once.
  • Rest assured that every game is recorded and I will be reviewing the videos
  • If you don’t feel like pushing 50 loonies into the board, use your hot button or ask someone with a hot button to let you load theirs

To play the game, it is set up as a league. Just choose the SuperMAX reg league for Sunday night, choose yourself as home team and your partner as away team. It doesnt’ matter who throws first as long as you throw under your own name.

#2 – The match format

  • The match format is setup considering the high-caliber players
  • Handicapping is enabled ( Reverse Hdcp) and there should be very few spot points or marks based on the starting averages. Just enough to keep it interesting.
  • We have included singles games as well as one game of Team Cricket/400. Strategy will be the key to this one! (see below for details)
  • The format is as follows:
    • 3 games of 501 Freeze doubles
    • 3 games of stacked (normal)  cricket doubles
    • 2 games of singles (1 vs 1) and (2 vs 2)
    • 1 game of Team Cricket/400 *
    • 2 games of singles (1 vs 1) and (2 vs 2)
    • 4 games of 701 stacked doubles

* For anyone that hasn’t played Team Cricket/400 here are the general rules.

  • The game is played with four players playing as two teams
  • Each player scores marks individually
  • Team partners score together as a team. Both partners must have the number closed before either can score on that number
  • To win, a team needs only one player to have all the numbers and bulls closed. They still must have equal to or more points than their opponents

I hope you have fun with this one.

#3 – The Payouts

  • Payouts are based on 8 teams / 14 weeks. Adjustments will be made for more or less teams
  • You can see a comparison chart of the leagues but here’s the short version:
    • Registration win-back – $100 (that’s the one game of countup)
    • Prize per game won – $1 (each team plays 210 games = $840 league total)
    • Finish Place – 1st=$650, 2nd=$450, 3rd=$300, 4th=$200, 5-8th=$75 ($1900 league total)
    • Feats awards – highest ’01 Finish=$100, most White Horses=$100, Most 180’s=$60
    • MAX Advantage bonus pools=$600 total paid to 2 highest finishing:
      • Gold ranked players – $300 ($150 each)
      • Silver ranked players – $200 ($100 each)
      • Bronze ranked players – $100 ($50 each)
      • You don’t have to be in first place to collect it. Just be the highest finishing
      • you can see your level and get more info

Shoot well and never give up!


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