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Everyone participating in the USA based PPD tournaments must complete a Tax Withholding form before they can register for the events. With the All Star Triples coming up Jan. 20, you need to jump on this and get it completed.

In the past we were required to complete a W9 form, but this is for U.S. residents. There is a new form, W8-BEN,  available in your player account at for the Canadians since we are not U.S. citizens and do NOT have to pay taxes on our winnings.

The field “Tax Identification Number” is simply your Canadian SIN number…no spaces, no dashes. Just 9 digits

Even if you filed a W9 in the past, you will need to complete this new online form since the W9’s will be shredded.

It’s easy to do. It’s all online. Just fill out the required fields that are marked with little red flags, sign & date it at the bottom, submit and then look for the confirmation email. You’ll need to click on that one when you receive it and you’ll be good to go.


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