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 Please ensure you are familiar with the rule changes from the PPD. There are severe consequences for violations.

January All Star Triples registration is open. If you plan to register, here is six (6) things you need to know as we continue our comprehensive review and effort to improve various parts of PPD remote tournaments:

1) January Triples Format will be the same as December’s as we watch to see if the Scorekeeper feature and these other changes, listed below, will prevent unnecessary delays and help to achieve our desired total tournament run-time of about 6 hours.

2) Turn on “Scorekeeper” in your CompuSport app and plan to use it. PPD staff will still help to move matches in January, but Scorekeeper use will be mandatory in February and beyond. Be sure to turn on “notifications” too.

3) Pre-match-contact must occur as required by the rules. Those who do not engage in pre-match-contact will be penalized when reported following the tournament. Missed-pre-match contact will result in loss of “best All Star tournament score”, year to date and/or a one-month suspension from remote tournaments for each reported, and proven, missed-pre-match contact.

4) Facebook posts and private messaging is now restricted to players still in the tournament. All posts and pms sent to PPD Staff during the tournament from tournament-players, not still in the tournament, will be deleted and result in loss of “best All Star tournament score”, year to date and/or a one-month suspension from remote-tournament penalty will be assessed.

5) Forfeit time for all remote tournaments is now 2pm CST. Start time is 1:30 pm CST with all teams required to be begin first match as soon as possible following start time or upon receipt of pre-match contact from opponent prior to 1:45 pm CST. Forfeit processing will begin at 1:45 pm CST. Missed-pre-match contact violations will apply anytime after 1:45 pm CST. Forfeit time of 2 pm sharp is applied to first match at 2 pm and 2nd match too if the 2nd match is waiting at that time. Except for teams in route to secondary location and verifiable emergencies, teams not competing at 1:45 pm CST result in loss of “best All Star tournament score”, year to date and/or a one-month suspension from remote-tournament penalty to be assessed against offending team.

6) Team caps are enforced at close of registration using latest available best known stats for each player’s Player Rating (PR). Then used to calculate the Combined Player Rating (CPR) of each team. All teams registered near the cap are encouraged to closely watch their stats as registration deadline approaches. Teams may contact PPD Staff at any time to make adjustments. Teams found over the CPR cap at close of registration will be given till noon on Friday, prior to tournament, to make substitutions. Or will be turned into a bye at that time.

Penalties for (#3) missed-pre-match contact, (#4) FB posts or pms from players who are no longer in the tournament, and (#5) teams requiring forfeit processing; will be assessed prior to opening of February Triples registration and/or March Super Saturday registration.

Each of these things, and more, is being done to improve PPD remote tournaments for everyone involved. Please look for a more detailed pre-event posts on All Star Saturday and watch for a comprehensive update of all of our applicable rules as well. We are working hard to get everything done as soon as possible.


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