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It’s that time of year again. Now that we’re nearing the end of the 2017-2018 season, everyone is watching to see if they are going to earn a voucher.

The TOC voucher is a $500 USD benefit provided exclusively by Maximum Darts to our players and our players have brought home over $20,000 from the TOC as a result of the voucher system.

If you don’t know what this means, you can learn more about voucher and the TOC Finale at the MAX Help Desk- and on the TOC website –

Everyone should be aware that the PPD has changed the qualifying process.

There will be no onsite qualifiers this year in Kansas. All qualifiers will be held online prior to the TOC on the following dates:


Voucher Qualifier Dates:**

  •  June 30, 2018
  •  July 14, 2018
  •  July 28, 2018
  •  August 11, 2018
  •  August 25, 2018

**All players with vouchers must pre-register for each event from their player account.

Do I have a Maximum Darts Voucher?

You can check the Maximum Darts standings on the TOC website  and select Maximum Darts as vendor

The Top 4 Men / Top 2 Women earn double MAX vouchers!!!   It pays to play MAX!

The PPD won’t be assigning their own vouchers until after the point season ends on July 14.

Since the PPD has scheduled qualifier events on June 30 & July 11, Maximum Darts has begun assigning MAX TOC vouchers.

You have a voucher assigned already IF you have earned enough points to be guaranteed one by end-of-season.

For the others in the tight points race, vouchers can only be issued after July 14 once the point season ends.

You will want to get those makeups completed asap. Be aware that only matches scheduled prior to July 15 will count for this season’s voucher entitlement. (No, you cannot play ahead into next season’s dates to get extra points.)

When watching the race, take into account that a MAX league earns 20 points and a PPD league earns 10 points towards the MAX vouchers.

If I am not going to the TOC in Kansas this year should I still play my Maximum Darts Finale Voucher?

It is entirely up to you whether you play in the qualifier event. If you know you are NOT going to the TOC in Kansas then it would be good etiquette to pass and allow the voucher to go down the list to the next person in line.

You have the option of playing the event since there are payouts. If you’re doing it for the money, then be aware that you must reach the top 4 in the random bracket of 32 singles to earn more than your entry fee. (5th – 32nd pays $50 or less)


  • Event is brackets of 32 Singles
  • Triple elimination brackets randomly filled based on time of registration
  • Registration is based on first-come, first-served (NOT Flighted)
  • $50 USD registration fee + coin drop $1 per game.
  • $1, 600 payout per bracket
    • 1st- $300
    • 2nd- $250
    • 3rd- $150
    • 4th- $100
    • 5th-8th- $50
    • 9th-32nd- $25

I didn’t make the top 3-4 in my Qualifier bracket. Does that mean I’m finished?

Top 3 qualifies. It could possibly go as low as top 4 or maybe even 5 depending on the total number of brackets after Aug. 25. The PPD has more insight on how this will work.


Here are the scenarios:

  • You make the top 3 in the qualifier. –  Congratulations. Book your airfare and hotel. You have earned entry into the Elite Finale event with top prize of $20K USD.
  • You don’t make the top 3 and you have no more vouchers – You have two choices:
    1. Register for the Gold Finale at TOC with top prize of $5K (Men’s have up to 3  flighted brackets of 64 doubles teams)
    2. Do nothing.
  • You don’t make the top 3 and you have BUT you have additional vouchers. Now you have two choices:
    1. Register for another Qualifier event
    2. Register for the Gold Finale at TOC and pass your remaining vouchers down to the next MAX players.
    3. Do nothing and pass your remaining vouchers down to the next MAX players.


Here’s something to consider:

If you have the skills to successfully compete in the Elite Finales at TOC then you should maximize your attempts to make it through the qualifying events. If you have multiple vouchers, plan to attend multiple qualifiers.

Personally, with my own 3.5 MPR, My realistic expectation is to try my best in the Qualifier and most likely not make top 3.

If I make it through, I will register for the Elite Finale and try my best at the TOC.

If I don’t make it through, I will happily register for the Gold Finale and pass any additional vouchers down the line.

I’m just sharing my personal viewpoint to be helpful. Whatever choice you make is entirely up to you.


Shoot Well & Never Give Up!



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