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The Maximum Darts tournament fund is built using a portion of weekly league fees from Maximum Darts leagues.

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How Does the MaxDarts Tournament Fund Work?

  • Each MaxDarts league contributes $3 per match per player to the tournament fund which is used to add bonus money to special MaxDarts events.
  • Players earn 20 MAX Points for every match played in Max leagues. When a player subs for a team, they earn these points as well as a percentage of the team’s overall winnings.
  • Bonus points are awarded in BOTH leagues and tournaments based on finish place.
  • Higher points lead to higher bonuses and invites to exclusive events.
  • Full details for the 2018/19 season are still being worked out and will be communicated as soon as they are complete.

Special Note:

During the 2017/18 season:

  • The Max leagues in the 1st half of the season contributed $1 per player per match
  • The Max leagues in the 2nd half contributed $3 per player per match
  • PPD leagues played on MAX boards contributed 50 cents per player per match.
    • (in order to be able to count PPD league matches toward Maximum Darts rewards such as TOC vouchers and year end event in September)

For the 2018/19 season, (July 15, 2018-JUly 14, 2019), Maximum Darts bonus pools are funded exclusively by Maximum Darts leagues.  To maintain equity, only MaxDarts assigned points count toward the MaxDarts bonus pools and other rewards.


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