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Registration is now open for the August MAD MAX event.

As promised, we are adding $2,000 bonus money to the event exclusively for the players that had faith and supported the reboot of the MAX leagues in the 2nd half of the season. Details are coming soon.

Based on the great response of the July event, we anticipate a big turnout. Based on the number of entries, we may have staggered start times

For example, some brackets may begin at 12pm CST while other’s will start at 2pm CST. This will be posted Friday night prior to the event.

(12pm CST =11am SK, 1 pm ON/QC, 2pm Maritimes)

Click here to register:

MAD MAX Tournament Registration


Here’s some important info to make the event more enjoyable:

Maximum Darts allows 3 teams per board. Please be patient and work together to keep the brackets moving by allowing players that are further behind to play first.

Hogging the boards isn’t going to be fun for anyone.

Board availability is based on the number of teams registered. In the event there is no board availability, you will be notified and your registration fee will be refunded.

Flighted Bracket Levels (divisions)

Depending on the teams registered, brackets may be adjusted in size to keep teams of a similar skill level together in the same bracket.

This won’t always be possible nor perfect. There are no guarantees other than we are committed to best efforts based on the teams registered.

Payouts are to the top 25% of the bracket and based on total number of players in each bracket. Some brackets will pay different amounts than others.

New unknown players without an established rating (when permitted) must play in the Level 1 brackets.

Have fun and enjoy!



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