The 2018-2019 season is coming into full swing and we’ve re-launched the MAX leaderboard to allow you to track your progress in the bonus pools.


Built on modern web standards, you should find this super easy to use.

This leaderboard comes with a bunch of new features including a really fast search function and quick sorting so you can easily see how you stack up against the competition.

Looking for a player rating? No Problem…it displays your best known MPR and PPD in Max leagues and tournaments and the search box at the top makes it fast.

Are you signing up for a league and looking for your partners MPR from a past season? No Problem…There’s a button for that.

Curious to know how many White Horses or Hat Tricks you’ve thrown? No Problem….scroll to the right and there’s a list of your achievements for this season including your highest out in x01.  (Wade Henderson is the only one with a 180 finish so far.)

At any time, you can click on this little arrow at the top of the column and see who has the highest in any category.

The leaderboard is updated weekly for now and will be updated daily in the very near future along with some new features in the works.



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