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Written by Rick Smith

November 16, 2018

We are starting to add users to our private Community site. Everyone who is currently active in a MaxDarts league will be the first ones to enjoy this.

What's this all about? Glad you asked.

Remote leagues present their own unique challenges, mostly around communication and information sharing. It's not like we can just talk face-to-face on league night or hand out flyers and forms.

Now we have the ability to conquer a lot of these issues by providing a safe and secure login to the MAXIMUMDARTS.COM website. 

Get into the habit of logging in.

The Community site will alleviate a lot of this. Here's a quick list of the things it's going to do for you:

  1. Need to find someone's phone number? Just look them up in the member list. Easy.

  2. Tired of having to enter your phone number and email into our registration forms? Your personal profile will contain all that and we won't need to nag you for it anymore.

  3. Do you have a burning question and just looking for a quick answer? Just post a question in the Support Group and a fellow player or a league administrator will answer it.

  4. Looking for the latest news or announcements about what's going on? Just pop into the Announcements group and catch up quickly

  5. Do you have an idea that you would like to share? Just post it in the Suggestions group and start the ball rolling.

  6. Looking for that link to the schedule, or tournament registration? Just choose from the handy list of Quick Links on the side.

We're working on a list of frequently asked questions and other helpful info.

For now, the biggest question could be: "Why do we need this. Can't we just use Facebook?"

Believe it or not, we have a lot of members that don't have Facebook accounts or refuse to use it due to privacy concerns. The hassle of having to friend everyone else is a real pain also.

We looked at a lot of different publicly available solutions and chose to invest into building our own private community right on our own website. This way we can customize it to meet the needs of our members.

We will continue to use Facebook chat groups for a little longer and eventually move all the communication back to


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