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$10,000 in LEAGUE PAYOUTS!!

Written by Rick Smith

November 19, 2018

Woohoo!!! Max Leagues have passed the $10K mark for league payouts this season and we’re only 4 months in.

We’re already guaranteed to hit $23K with just the leagues running now and there are lots of new leagues coming up to add to the total. We should easily break $50K on league payouts alone.

We’ve also paid out over $10K in the tournaments so far this season. There’s $8 grand in the tournament fund now, with another $4K in the hopper that will grow even bigger as we add more leagues.

There’s at least 7 more MAD MAX tournaments to play before July so we’re closing in on $50K in tournament payouts also.

Our goal is $100K back to the players in our first full season and we’re well on track to meet that.

That’s not even counting the winnings at TOC and NDA Vegas that are a big benefit of playing Maximum Darts.

Thank you to everyone for making this possible!!


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