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Examples of NDA Vegas Payouts from Last Year

Written by Rick Smith

December 2, 2018

Wondering what the payouts will be like in Vegas this year?

The payouts are 100% based on player entry fees so the more players, the better the payouts.

Here’s an example of the payouts from last year’s events:

1st Open Team Cricket Finals L5 $1400
2nd Open Team Cricket Finals L5 $1000
3rd Open Team Cricket Finals L5 $676
4th Open Team Cricket Finals L5 $420
5-6th Open Team Cricket Finals L5 $320
7-8th Open Team Cricket Finals L5 $240
9-12th Open Team Cricket Finals L5 $200



1st Mixed Triples Combo L1 $1140
2nd Mixed Triples Combo L1 $720
3rd Mixed Triples Combo L1 $540
4th Mixed Triples Combo L1 $300
5-6th Mixed Triples Combo L1 $200
7-8th Mixed Triples Combo L1 $100
9-12th Mixed Triples Combo L1 $75



1st Open Doubles Cricket L13 $800
2nd Open Doubles Cricket L13 $600
3rd Open Doubles Cricket L13 $400
4th Open Doubles Cricket L13 $275
5-6th Open Doubles Cricket L13 $150
7-8th Open Doubles Cricket L13 $120
9-12th Open Doubles Cricket L13 $90
13-16th Open Doubles Cricket L13 $60



1st Open Singles Cricket L10 $435
2nd Open Singles Cricket L10 $300
3rd Open Singles Cricket L10 $220
4th Open Singles Cricket L10 $150
5-6th Open Singles Cricket L10 $110
7-8th Open Singles Cricket L10 $80
9-12th Open Singles Cricket L10 $60
13-16th Open Singles Cricket L10 $40



1st Masters Singles Cricket $970
2nd Masters Singles Cricket $760
3rd Masters Singles Cricket $560
4th Masters Singles Cricket $340
5-6th Masters Singles Cricket $200
7-8th Masters Singles Cricket $140
9-12th Masters Singles Cricket $100
13-16th Masters Singles Cricket $70


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