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Gold Diamond Bonus Pool Released

Written by Rick Smith

December 4, 2018

We’re about to hit a new milestone on the Leaderboard -> 1,000 XP Points!!


We’ve been itching to release the GOLD DIAMOND badge and the timing is right since we’ll have players eligible for this new pool at our January 26 MAD MAX event.


The new GOLD DIAMOND pool will be an additional $250 so that means players with the GOLD DIAMOND badge will be eligible to win over $1,000 in the next MAD MAX.


You can check your points standings on the Leaderboard.


There are almost 8 weeks to go before the next MAD MAX to get your matches played and the points add up fast.

Remember, you earn 20 points per match so those makeups you’re sitting on are like GOLD waiting to be cashed in (pardon the pun).



MAX Advantage Leaderboard



So how does this new pool work?



Players with at least 1,000 XP points will earn this new badge. They will continue to be part of the Gold Bonus Pool and in addition, they will also be eligible to win the GOLD DIAMOND pool.


The highest finishing GOLD DIAMOND will be eligible to win an additional $250 prize.


Remember that you don’t have to win your bracket to win the pool. You just have to be the highest finishing position of all the players in that pool.


Just ask Perry Decker who won $1,200 in the Gold pool two months in a row with a 2nd place finish. Or Ross Snook who took home $400 in Silver for a 2nd place win. Or Paul Poirier who scored the $200 Bronze for 6th place.


Here’s some clarification:


Q: Do I have to win the GOLD Bonus Pool to win the GOLD DIAMOND Pool?

A: NO. It’s just like any other bonus pool where you are competing against the others in your pool. Whichever Gold Diamond finishes the highest wins the extra $250 regardless of whether they win any other pool.


Q: If I win the GOLD bonus pool do I automatically get the GOLD DIAMOND pool?

A: No, but it could work out that way. The GOLD bonus pool and the GOLD DIAMOND pool are two separate pools. Yes you could win both and it depends on who else is in those pools and how far everyone makes it in their individual brackets.

For example, you could miss out on the GOLD pool to someone who does not have the GOLD DIAMOND badge and end up with the GOLD DIAMOND instead.

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