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Bonus Payouts – Canadian National Singles

Written by Catherine Haycock

August 27, 2019


For a few months, we’ve been saying that our goal was to reach $6,000 for the bonus payouts during the National Singles event.

Actually, we overachieved our goal and are able to make the bonus levels for singles $7,000 AND at the same time, add $2,000 to the Bonus pools for the Doubles event also!!!!

This means that with the Entry Fees added to the prize fund, Total Tournament Payout will blow past the $10K estimate.

We may even reach $15,000. That’s incredible for a two day dart tournament right here in Canada that you get to play right from your home bar.

You know that we are fiercely loyal to our players and we love to reward loyalty 🙂


Singles Bonus Payouts:

GOLD: $3,000

SILVER: $2,000

BRONZE: $1,000

GOLD DIAMOND: $1,000 extra on top of the GOLD Bonus.

This is an exclusive National Championship for qualified Maximum Darts League players who earned at least 200 XP points.

 Board availability is limited. Sign up now at:

Canadian National Championship



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