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Amazing Awards for our Canadian National Singles Champions

Written by Rick Smith

August 30, 2019

1st Annual Maximum Darts Canadian National Soft Tip Darts Championship

Where every skill level player has a chance to be a National Champion!


One of the best parts about soft tip darts is that you have to be the best player in your class to win. For every class of player, this is an accomplishment full of pride.


Not only is a Bull a good choice for a Bullshooter champion, we chose Apis the Bull because it is a sacred symbol of ancient Egypt that represents “the courageous heart, great strength, and fighting spirit of the king”. 

We are giving recognition for these accomplishments with a National Singles Title and a fantastic trophy to remind you, your friends, & family of this achievement.

Borrowing from world class sports such as boxing, we will use the following classes:

  • Super Heavyweight

  • Heavyweight

  • Light heavyweight

  • Super Middleweight

  • Middleweight

  • Super Lightweight

  • Lightweight

  • Super Featherweight

  • Featherweight

  • Light Featherweight

  • Super Flyweight

  • Flyweight

We can’t wait to see who wins!!

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