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New Vegas Leagues

Written by Rick Smith

September 12, 2019

The massive NDA Team Dart event in Las Vegas is April 2-8, 2020 and we’re introducing a new league format so you can earn your trip to Vegas!!!


Here’s how the National Vegas Leagues work:

  • 3 person teams x 10 teams

  • TWO teams win their trip paid to Vegas in lieu of cash prizes

  • $500 reimbursement per player for airfare

  • 7 nights hotel room at the Westgate for your team to share

  • First place team is GUARANTEED their trip

  • The other trip is awarded to one of the other teams by RANDOM DRAW live on Facebook

  • This means even the last place team has the opportunity to win

There will be two cap levels available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday 4pm:

  • 7.5 MPR

  • 8.5 MPR

A minimum of 10 teams is required to pay for the two trips.

You may sign up for multiple leagues and see which one fills first.

We need to start these leagues ASAP to have enough weeks before Vegas,  so start talking and putting your teams together.

Registration will open by Monday, Sept 16 and leagues will start the first week of October.

The National Vegas Leagues are fully integrated into the National system:

  • Awarded 20 XP points for every match played

  • Games qualify for MAD MAX, Nationals, etc….same as any other National League

  • Same $17 per player per match

  • Trips in lieu of cash prizes

The NDA event in Las Vegas is open to every Canadian National League member that has earned at least 200 points (10 league matches) and has paid their sanctioning fees. We deduct the sanctioning fees from your league winnings and pay NDA so you don’t have to worry about it 😉

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