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The points race just got hotter!!


Loyalty rewards now apply to both leagues AND the monthly MAD MAX tournaments.



You can now earn 25 – 50 bonus XP points on the National Leaderboard when you participate in the Mad Max monthly tournaments.



XP points are awarded based on your performance in the tournament.

Everyone gets at least 25 pts and up to 50 pts for 1st place.

example: 16 players in a division

  • 1st = 50 pts
  • 2nd = 45 pts
  • 3rd = 40 pts
  • 4th = 35 pts
  • 5th – 16th = 25 pts


National Leagues AND the monthly MAD MAX tournaments are the core of the Canadian National system.



We have been working hard to find the right balance of rewards for playing leagues and rewards for participating in the tournaments.

When more people participate in the tournaments, the competition in the bracket becomes closer and more exciting!


Read more about XP point awards for MAD MAX here:



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