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Enhanced League Registration Form

Written by Rick Smith

September 30, 2019

Signing up for leagues just got easier!!


The new league registration form now retrieves player information from the database, making signups a breeze.

The captain who is registering the teams must have a member profile and be logged in. This is the key to making all the magic work.



You can also connect your Facebook account to your member profile so you don’t have to remember another password 🙂

You can login with:

  • Your username / password combination for the community

  • Your email can be used in place of your username if you forgot it

  • Your password can be reset



You can login or register a new account at:




Here are some highlights of the enhancements:

  • Players names are in a pulldown list – no typing required for known players

  • Automatically retrieves best known averages for known players

  • New players can also be entered. You will need their vital information such as phone, email, MPR

  • System calculates team rating to show you if you fit under the cap

  • Checks your member profile for completeness and will email you if something is missing, such as PayPal info

There are also other new background automation’s for the admins too!


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