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Registration Open – Super Singles on GRAN Board

Written by Rick Smith

February 9, 2021

Drop the gloves and get it on!!

Our first cash league on GRAN is open for registration.


Super Singles is No Cap – No Handicap head to head competition.

Register for Super Singles


Here are the details:

(Some details will depend on how many register)

Day of the week:

  • we will decide on one “standard” day
  • you will have 1 week to play your match
  • you can play ahead if you need to


$20 per match – (includes $5 tourney fund & admin)

  • Automatic paypal / credit card subscription
  • $1 to transactions fees
  • $1 to tournament fund
  • $3 to admin / development


No Cap Limit: drop the gloves – gladiator style

  • Open to anyone up for the challenge


Format: Race to 11 (best of 21)

  • Cork to start match and choice of cork for 21st game
  • 3-Cricket
  • 3 -701 Master Out Split Bull
  • 3-Cricket
  • 3-701 Double in Double Out Split bull
  • 3-Cricket
  • 3 -701 Master Out Split Bull
  • 3-Cricket
  • game 21 requires cork for start


Depending on how many entrants:

  • Play each team once or twice
  • Top 4 or top 8 from round robin advance to knockout
  • Cash prizes for top 4 or 8
  • Gift draw prizes for non-cash winners


Register for Super Singles



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