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Canadian National Championship

Where every skill level player has a shot to be a National Champion!


WOW!!  What a weekend!

The 1st EVER Canadian National Soft Tip Darts Championship is in the history books.


There will NEVER be another first and if you were part of it, you are now part of history also.


Every skill level of player had the opportunity to earn a National Title and we crowned 8 Singles Champions and 12 Doubles Champions.


Total payouts $16,420

Flighted Singles - $3800 + $7,000 added prize money

Flighted Doubles - $3120 + $2,500 added prize money​

Check out the Champions!

Players with 200 XP points are eligible

Look for the Canada Flag beside your name

Points and Bonus Pool icons will continue to update until Aug. 31

Only matches scheduled prior to Sept 1, 2019 count toward Nationals

Saturday September 7, 2019

Flighted Singles (up to 12 levels)

Canadian Champion Titles

Enhanced Bonus Pools

Use this to submit a request to change your registration.

Cutoff date for refunds is midnight ET,  Tuesday Sep 3.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Flighted Doubles (up to 12 levels)

Team Cap 7.5 MPR

 Payout 100% entry fees

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Will the events sell out?


Board availability could become an issue!




Board reservations are on a first come / first served basis.


We will do our best to accommodate everyone but if a location is overbooked the only options will be:

  • play at a different location that MIGHT have a board available 
  • withdraw and receive a full refund for your entry fees

What is the cutoff date for registration

Aug. 31 is the cutoff.

Register by midnight, ET (Toronto time)

Late entries will NOT be accepted!

Who can play in this event?


Players with at least 200 XP points qualify to compete in this event.


Players earn 20 points per match and matches scheduled between July 15, 2018 and August 31, 2019 qualify for eligible XP points.


Link to Leaderboard

MAX Leaderboard 2018-2019

Can I still play if I don't have 200 XP points?


You have until Aug. 31, 2019 to earn points towards the Nationals.


Only matches SCHEDULED prior to Aug. 31 qualify for the Nationals.


Check the leaderboard and make sure you get your makeup matches cleared up.


Link to Leaderbaord

MAX Leaderboard 2018-2019

What are Champion Titles?

Each bracket in the Singles Event (up to 12 skill levels) will compete for a National Title and trophy.

The winner of each bracket will be named the Canadian National Champion for their division / class.


Super Heavyweight


Light Heavyweight






Player are grouped into brackets with other players of similar skill level. (Flighted)



What are the Bonus Pools?

The bonus pools for the Canadian Nationals works the same as bonus pools for the MAD MAX tournaments.


Points on the leaderboard continue until Aug. 31, 2019. Players will continue to rise or fall based on participation in leagues.


The prize amounts for the bonus pools are still being determined. We can say that they will be higher than the MAD MAX events during the past season.


Link to Leadeboard

MAX Leaderboard 2018-2019

Will the Doubles event have bonus pools?


The doubles event on Sunday does NOT have bonus pools.


Payouts will be based on 100% of the entry fees.

How much does it cost to play?


The singles event is $50 per player + 3rd party service fees.

The $50 is 100% returned as prize money. 

$2 per match coin drop same as Mad Max.



On top of this we are anticipating between $2,000 - $5,000 in added money in the Singles bonus pools (*based on added sponsor money)


The Doubles event is $80 per team + 3rd party service fees.

The $80 is 100% returned as prize money.

$3 per match coin drop same as Mad Max.

What is the format?


Format is Triple Elimination for ALL brackets

All matches Race to 2 (Best of 3)


No loss = Race to 2 (best of 3) - Cricket

One Loss = Race to 2 (best of 3) - Cricket – 501 - Cricket

Two Loss = Race to 2 (best of 3) – 501

501 games are full bull 50 points and Open in/Open out

All games are 20 round limit


Divisions higher than 4.0 MPR and lower than 2.0 may play a slightly modified match format.

Will the brackets be on Compusport


Yes. We will be using Compusport for the brackets the same as our Mad Max events.


Winners will be required to use the SCOREKEEPER function to report their wins.


Yes, there were issues in the past but scorekeeper worked flawlessly during the last Mad Max event.

What time does it start?

Just like Mad Max events, we will have staggered start times in the morning and afternoon.


The exact start times will depend on how many teams we have registered.


We're anticipating a great turnout and may need to implement up to 3 shifts/start times for the Singles events


What if my partner or I have to cancel?



We know sometimes life gets in the way.

You can switch up partners if you still fit under the 7.5 MPR CAP.


If cancelled before the cutoff date, we'll refund your fees. 


Cutoff date for refunds is midnight ET,  Tuesday Sep 3.

Do we play at our home bar?


Yes, this is a remote tournament like our national Mad Max events.


Register asap because if we run out of boards at your venue, it's going to be first come / first served based on the registration timestamp