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Registration closes Feb 9 so act now and get started!
Event dates are April 2-8, 2020

What’s the next steps?

Any Canadian National league players with at least 7 league matches (140 XP points) since April 2019 qualifies to play in this event

#1 – Decide if you want to go to Vegas for an awesomely great time. Registration deadline is Feb. 9. Let us know asap so you don’t get left out.

Just fill out the simple RSVP form below and we’ll help you with the rest

#2 – Start looking for cheap flights. The event is at the Westgate and darter room rate is $86 USD. We have rooms reserved and feel free to stay elsewhere if you choose.

We can help you out with that too ?


There’s a reason the event is called “NDA Team Dart”. The main events are 4 person teams with team & doubles matches. It’s a lot of fun!

First 3 days are 4-person Team 501 (mix of team, doubles matches)
Next 3 days are 4-person Team Cricket

Teams are sorted into brackets based on combined team rating. Thousands of players means lots of brackets and closer competition ?

The evenings are assorted singles, doubles, and triples events. Sign up for everything or sign up for some. It’s totally up to you.

The best part about being in Vegas is there are always amazing things to do other than darts, depending on what your priorities are ?

Mostly everyone will play in the “Open” events with up to 25 levels depending on how many players register.

Players with 3.8 MPR or 35 PPD are considered Masters.
Teams with one masters player will play in Level 1
Teams with two or more masters players will play in Masters Level
Teams with NO master players will play in the level that is similar to their combined team rating

Event fees are one flat price that covers all coin drop, admin fees, etc

To play all 6 days in both Team events (501 & Cricket) will cost $110 USD

Each of the evening singles, doubles, triples events will cost $40 – $50 USD per event per player

Masters Events are approximately $70 USD per event.

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WOW!!  What a weekend!
The 1st EVER Canadian National Soft Tip Darts Championship is in the history books. There will NEVER be another first and if you were part of it, you are now part of history also.

Every skill level of player had the opportunity to earn a National Title and we crowned 8 Singles Champions and 12 Doubles Champions.

The total payouts for the weekend were $16,420 with $7,000 added to the Singles event and $2,500 added to the Doubles along with unique trophies to the winners 🙂

The BIG winner of the weekend was the first-ever Flyweight National Champion, Dominik Banom, who took home a whopping $4,250 prize. Dominik has been a constant league player and a regular at our MAD MAX tournaments.
Dominik’s high level of participation earned him the GOLD DIAMOND status and his win in the Singles saw him victorious as the highest-finishing Gold Diamond and the $4,000 Bonus money all to himself.

Here’s the full list of results with buttons to the detailed stats for each player:

Maximum Darts Canadian National Championship
Total payouts $16,420
Flighted Singles – $3800 + $7,000 added prize money
Flighted Doubles – $3120 + $2,500 added prize money

Bonus Winners:

Dominik Banom – Level 8 – Flyweight – Mississauga, ON

Catherine Haycock / Eric Banks – Level 6 – Flyweight – Mississauga, ON

Oswin Correira – Level 3 – Light Heavyweight Class – Mississauga, ON

Tyler Rettie – Level 1 – Heavyweight – Mississauga, ON
Daniel Dezoete – Level 1 – Heavyweight – Mississauga, ON
James Blais – Level 2 – Light Heavyweight – Québec, QC
Rob Bowman – Level 3 – Middleweight – Mississauga, ON
Don Grisbrook – Level 3 – Middleweight – Mississauga, ON
Danna Foster – Level 4 – Lightweight – Sussex, NB
Marc Vezina – Level 5 – Featherweight – Québec, QC
Warren Pike – Level 5 – Featherweight – Québec, QC

Jeff Smith – Level 1 – Super Heavyweight – Sussex, NB
Cory Tkach – Level 2 – Heavyweight – Winnipeg, ON
Jonathan Tilly – Level 4 – Super Middleweight – Barrie, ON
Colin Tkach – Level 5 – Middleweight – Winnipeg, ON
Pierre Roberge – Level 6 – Lightweight – Québec, QC
Serge Fournier – Level 7 – Featherweight – Québec, QC

Jason Roberge – Level 2 – Light Heavyweight – Québec, QC
Rachel Smith – Level 4 – Lightweight – Sussex, NB


Level 1 – Super Heavyweight

Level 2 – Heavyweight

Level 3 – Light Heavyweight

Level 4 – Super Middleweight

Level 5 – Middleweight

Level 6 – Lightweight

Level 7 – Featherweight

Level 8 – Flyweight


Level 1 – Heavyweight

Level 2 – Light Heavyweight

Level 3 – Middleweight

Level 4 – Lightweight

Level 6 – Flyweight