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Basic Terms & Conditions

Refer to the “Authorized Dealer Agreement” for specifics.

  • DO NOT SHARE your login. NEVER. Under any circumstances.
  • DO NOT contact the manufacturer directly. You risk losing Dealer status.
  • All Wholesale prices are confidential.
  • Wholesale orders must be paid via Interac bank transfer or cash.
  • The actual shipping charge will be added to your order once it is packed and weighed.
    • (Online shop calculates shipping charges for retail customers only; NOT Dealers.)
  • Wholesale orders will only be shipped to your normally designated location
  • At in-person events, dealers will need to work together. Special event pricing is permitted if all dealers present agree
    • (If not in agreement, then MAP pricing will be minimum.)
  • Maximum Darts needs to be informed of any special sales or promotions.


Some Exceptions Apply. Generally, the prices are:

Item Dealer Price Web Price MAP Price MSRP Price
ZeroStress Solid 7.94 +tax 14.99 +tax 12.50 +tax 16.99 +tax
ZeroStress Designer 10.63 +tax 18.99 +tax 15.00 +tax 24.99 +tax
AXE Solid / Neon 13.99 +tax 24.99 +tax 22.00 +tax 26.99 +tax
AXE Gradation 14.55 +tax 25.99 +tax 23.00 +tax 28.99 +tax
AXE Designer 15.95 +tax 27.99 +tax 25.00 +tax 29.99 +tax
Trinidad Pro Barrels* 86.00 +tax 119.99 +tax 110.00 +tax 140.00 +tax
Trinidad X Barrels* 72.00 +tax 99.99 +tax 90.00 +tax 125.00 +tax

DEALER PRICE: The wholesale price for dealers
WEBSITE PRICE: price in shop
MAP: MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE – one-time deals are exception to this

*Due to the wide variety of dart barels, please refer to the shop for specific pricing