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Friday Knight Singles/Doubles Tournaments

Open to anyone with hotbutton or Bullshooter Live account

Have some fun, win some weekend cash, and earn MAX Advantage points.


Dave Cameron has won two Friday Knight NoCap events in a row.


There is now a bounty of $50 on his head


Since it’s a double elimination event, the bounty will be paid to the person who delivers Dave’s 2nd loss and sends him home.

List of Winners

Friday Knights Champions

Player Name Date CapLevel
wdt_ID Player Player Name Date CapLevel
1 Jeff Smith 17/11/2017 NO CAP
2 Dave Cameron 24/11/2017 NO CAP
3 Dave Cameron 01/12/2017 NO CAP
4 Randy Moffat 01/12/2017 3.99
5 Glenn Monaghan 01/12/2017 2.99
6 Colin Forsythe 24/11/2017 3.50


Scheduled start time is 6pm CST (7pm Ontario, 8pm Maritimes).

Play may begin as early as 4:30pm CST (5:30pm Ontario, 6:30pm Maritimes) if both teams are ready.

Forfeit time is 6:30pm CST (7:30pm Ontario, 8:30pm Maritimes) Some exceptions may apply.

Prize Money

$20 entry fee = prize pool paid out in top 25% of each Friday Knight bracket. (e.g. 8 team singles bracket, 1st=$100, 2nd=$60)

$5 allocated to the Maximum Darts tournament program.

Here’s some important info to make the night more enjoyable:

Board Availability

Please remember that board space is limited based on the number of teams registered. In the event there is no board availability, you will be notified and your registration fee will be refunded.

Some locations require boards to be shared. Please be patient and participate in keeping the brackets moving.

Monitor the brackets and allow brackets that are further behind to play first. Links to the brackets will be sent via email and/or text messaging prior to the event start time.

Flighted Bracket Levels (divisions)

Depending on the teams registered, brackets may be adjusted in size to keep teams of a similar skill level together in the same bracket.

This won’t always be possible nor perfect. There are no guarantees other than we are committed to best efforts based on the teams registered.

New unknown players without an established rating will be placed into the Level 1 brackets.

Player Change Button

For remote matches, each player has to press the RED player change button after their turn.

Please remember to do this and please have patience when the other team forgets.

Have fun and enjoy!