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League Creator

In order to create a league, you need to have at least one team ready to sign up.

After creating the league you will be taken to the league sign-up form so you can register the first team.

  • Enter your name so you can help people find this league when you promote it.
  • Which day of the week will be the normally scheduled day for playing matches?
  • :
    Start time in EST. (Toronto Time)
    Most leagues are 2 player teams. It's really convenient to schedule makeup matches and easy to find a partner. Singles leagues are something new that we will give a try. League fees will be higher since the "lane fees" are being paid by one person.
  • The combined cricket MPR of all players on the team cannot exceed the team cap.
    Most leagues are handicapped to keep the competition fair. No handicap leagues are available. It's all about what the players want to play.
    The league will start when a minimum of 7 teams register.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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