MAX GRAN Leagues Overview

Canada’s National Dart League on GRAN Boards

PLAY ONLINE – Play other teams worldwide
NO TRAVEL – All played from the comfort & safety of home!
HAVE FUN – Compete for cash rewards in leagues & tournaments

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MAX GRAN Dart Leagues

GRAN Home Dart Boards:
A complete game-changer in the approach to dart leagues

  • Traditional dart leagues are limited by the number of players who are available in the same area. This also limits the range of skills available.
  • With GRAN’s dual video cameras and internet connection, you play other teams anywhere in the world – the possibilities are UNLIMITED!
  • For example, if you would like to play in a league on a particular day/night of the week, there are other teams of similar skill in other cities wanting to play at the same time.
  • We connect you all together and manage the league for you.
  • This is the most fun you’ll ever have playing darts!

Maximum Darts leagues are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of the players.

Leagues start and stop continuously. The players drive the schedule according to their needs.

Our leagues:

  • Are simply a one to two hour time-slot on a day chosen by the players.
  • Do not have a designated start date.
  • Begin as soon as 8 teams register and runs for 14 weeks.
  • You can play in as many leagues as you want, any day of the week, all year long if you choose.
    For example, on Sunday we have league time-slots 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm, and weeknights could be 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm, 7p-9pm, etc to accommodate all the different time-zones in Canada.

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League Payouts

League Payouts - 8 Doubles Teams - $1,000.00

Games won prize is estimated based on winning 50% of the games.

Typically 1st place wins approx. 60% and last place 40% with everyone else falling somewhere in between.

1 52.50 550.00 602.50 210.00 280 100
2 52.50 350.00 402.50 210.00 280 90
3 52.50 200.00 252.50 210.00 280 80
4 52.50 110.00 162.50 210.00 280 70
5 52.50 0.00 52.50 210.00 280 60
6 52.50 0.00 52.50 210.00 280 50
7 52.50 0.00 52.50 210.00 280 40
8 52.50 0.00 52.50 210.00 280 30
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