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Have fun and discover the exciting world of electronic darts. We have programs for all ages regardless of previous experience or skill level.

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Cutting Edge Technology

No one does long division anymore, so why use a chalkboard to keep score.  The machine tracks marks in cricket, scores in 01 games as well as stats for players


Learn from the Pros

Learn the tricks and techniques from our professional players and coaches that will build solid foundations in darts or improve on them.

Fully Responsive

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Plans and Pricing

Looking for a night out with friends learning the great game of darts, or fine tuning your game with one of our pros?  Maximum Darts has a package to suit every need!

Meet Our Accomplished Trainers

“To be the best, you have to beat the best” and they most certainly have!!!

Dave Switzer

Debre-Lee Roberts

Khadar Ajodha

Tom Smith

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