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Deadly Sin #2 – No Show

Rick Smith February 17, 2021


Not showing up for a match when scheduled is a serious offence and one that is sure to ban you from all league and tournament activities.

Yes, life sometimes gets in the way. It happens.

That is why we provide schedules on our web site, access to the other captain’s phone numbers, and have an online chat group for each league.

It’s a simple matter of making sure your opponent knows when you can’t make it. (at least 2 hours ahead of match time).

You need positive confirmation that they know. League admins can help if you’re having trouble contacting them.

The penalty for a No-Show is you are now obligated to pay the league fees for that match for BOTH teams, regardless of whether is gets re-scheduled or forfeited.

A second offence and your team will be removed from the league and your team forfeits all winnings and credit for games played in that league.

Repeat offenders will receive a suspension of league and tournament privileges for any length of time up to and including a lifetime ban, at the discretion of the league administrators.

It’s not hard. Look at the schedule ahead of time. Contact your partner(s) and make sure they’re good to play.

Personally, I like to reach out to my opponents the day before and remind them we are scheduled to play each other and let them know my team is still on track to play.

Sometimes life gets in the way for the other team also and a gentle reminder goes a long way toward having a more enjoyable time.