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Deadly Sin #3 – Sandbagging

Rick Smith February 17, 2021


If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it means intentionally missing in order to reduce your average to be allowed to play in a lower skill division in leagues and tournaments.

We have several methods in place to make this behaviour pointless, such as:

  • tracking best known averages in both leagues and tournaments
  • auto-adjusting averages that fall outside a range
  • placing members in higher divisions than their average indicates
  • revoking all membership privileges due to statistical irregularities identified by the system.

It’s simple. Always try your best. Get better. That’s the whole point anyhow and the most rewarding experience. 

Our community is based on fair competition. Sandbagging is cheating and will NOT be tolerated!

We have systems and data-analysis to identify these behaviours and we treat reports from our members very seriously.

Due to the nature of our game, a player’s performance can deviate wildly.

Just because someone has a great day when they play you, that doesn’t make them a sandbagger. Everyone has great days and it’s part of improving.

The decent thing to do is congratulate them. You are going to have your greatest match one day and I’m guessing you would appreciate a “Well Done!” message from your opponents. I know I do.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you accuse someone of sandbagging, either directly or with the other members. It is a serious accusation that they are cheating and need to be banned forever! 

The irony is that the accuser will be the one banned for violating at least half of the seven deadly sins!

If you suspect another member of sandbagging, inform the league admins immediately. We are equipped with the tools and statistics to validate the claim. Your occasional matches with them is not conclusive evidence.