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Deadly Sin #4 – Negativity

Gabriel Rheaume February 18, 2021


We know that life isn’t always roses and sunshine. Our system is constantly evolving. Sure, there are things that will happen that may seem unfair or not quite right.

We rely on our members to bring these to our attention so we can keep improving for the benefit of everyone.

How you choose to bring this to our attention can have a very positive or negative impact for your community.

Complaining and being negative about actual or perceived short-comings is not beneficial to your community. In fact, that tends to violate Deadly Sin #1 – Stealing the Joy.

Creating unrest and controversy in person, on social media, or in our chat groups is not helping the community. It can quickly degrade and drags others into the fray without actually being helpful. It will end up in your loss of league & tournament privileges.

In our experience, the vast majority of these complaints come from a lack of understanding of the system that is easily solved with sharing knowledge.

Instead of dragging the other members into it, open a support ticket and let’s address the root cause together.

If it’s an education thing we’ll fix that. If it’s a legitimate flaw, we’ll fix that. If it’s a larger problem that will require multiple solutions, we’ll fix that too.

Our community works together for the greater good. Simple.