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Deadly Sin #7 – Delay of Game

Gabriel Rheaume February 18, 2021


Intentionally or accidentally delaying the game shows a lack of respect for the other teams.

Matches are designed to be finished within 2 hours. There are often other teams waiting for you to finish your match.

During the match, you are expected to keep the match moving along and complete it within 2 hours.

Singles matches are built into the format to allow for bathroom breaks. Taking a break between games is allowed when agreed upon beforehand with both teams and IF it does not interfere with the 2 hour time frame.

There is a 45 second timer for each dart thrown. This is to allow for players who might be playing two matches at the same time, or to fix a broken dart.

Standing at the line letting the timer count down is prohibited.

Pressing the up arrow button to pause the game is allowed when there is some sort of malfunction or  a correction is required. Pausing the game for any other reason is prohibited.

We allow a 30 minute grace period for the match start time to allow for unforeseen circumstances. This does not mean you can just start a half hour late whenever convenient.

It’s for exceptions and you should communicate with the other team. For this reason, you should have all the other captains phone numbers programmed into your phone and avoid violating texting / driving laws.