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Maximum Darts Leagues on GRAN

Welcome to the beginning of a fantastic experience played at home on your GRAN Board

We have a complete league and tournament system launching in the coming weeks.

All leagues award loyalty points for

Leaderboards, Bonuses, and other benefits

Trial Leagues are free to play and intended for the average player, from beginner to semi-pro.


Our goal is for everyone to have a bit of fun and learn about league play on GRAN.


Your feedback is important and will help us prepare for the upcoming Maximum Darts League & Tournament system.


We are aiming to have the official system running by April 1st.


It would be great if everyone can get the trial league matches played by end of March.


The Trial League groups are small, and matches are designed to be played in about an hour.


Best way to set notifications on Facebook chat group

There can be a lot of chatter and if you don't want your phone to beep constantly, simply go to:

"Privacy and Support" and mute the conversation.

When messaging another player directly in the group, use the @symbol and their phone will beep.

example, @Rick Smiths


Starting in April, all league chat will be moved to the new Maximum Darts website 🙂

Are there prizes?

We are grateful that you are playing in the trial leagues and helping us prepare for the actual Maximum Darts Leagues & Tournament system.

We are going to give away prizes like darts, flights, gift certificates for the online shop, etc.

There will be a random drawing live online for everyone that completes all of their matches.

Am I in the right league group?

This is a free trial league for a bit of competitive fun.

We had to guess which groups to place everyone.

Some players have not played in the past year and some have played more than ever before.

It's okay. We just want to have some fun. Play your best!

Basic Match Rules

In the schedule, there is a home and away team.

Home team starts the match and then it alternates between each player.

Before starting the next game, record the PPD and MPR and mark who won the game.



There is a scoresheet for each league.

Print copies for yourself and fill it in as you complete each game in the match.

At the end of the match, the HOME TEAM will take a photo and post it in the Facebook chat group.

AWAY TEAM doesn't have to post, but should verify that it matches their own scoresheet.

Please record the start and end time. This will help us choose the right game combinations for future leagues.


You may notice there are no dates in the schedule. We rely on everyone to manage the schedule as a team 🙂

Each league has a normal day and you can play any day during the week by posting in the chat group and lining up a match.

Schedules rarely get played in the exact order. There more for keeping track of who has played who. 

The schedules will be updated weekly and will show the overall wins for each player.

How to setup your League Match

Based on the options in the GRAN app for who starts the game, this is how the match setup will go.


AWAY team sets up all the games in the match.

HOME team starts first game.

LOSER starts all other games.


#1- Meet in Maximum Darts Group Lobby (password= 180)


#2- Select opponent and first game

If you don't know your opponents GRAN ID, you can look it up here:



#3- Select "RIVAL FIRST" to allow HOME team to start 1st game.


#4- When game is finished, AWAY team selects "REMATCH" & "LOSER FIRST"


Remember to record who won and the MPR/PPD on the scoresheet.

Shoot well and NEVER GIVE UP!  🙂

How do I find my opponents GRAN ID?

In the GRAN app, everyone is displayed by their GRAN ID, not their Real Name.

Here is a link where you can see the Maximum Darts player's NAME / GRAN ID:

Why do we need paper scoresheets?

When we started looking at other remote home leagues, my first thought was "wtf do we need paper scoresheets for?"

We all have phones and making an online scoresheet is easy. Then I learned why the paper scoresheets can make life easier.

  1. Scoresheets are useful to keep track of who won the game, which game to play next and who starts it. We've all been there asking each other, "is this the 2nd game of cricket? I thought i started the last one...?" LOL
  2. Getting the players stats isn't easy on the GRAN. Recording the end of game averages is better than none at all.
  3. Many people use their phone for the Gran app and may not have access to a 2nd device to fill out an online form.
  4. Paper never has it's battery die or lose internet. At least this way, if there are technical issues, everyone knows where they left off.

We figured that everyone probably knows someone with a printer, or go to staples, or worst case, just write the results on a piece of paper.

How many weeks is this Trial League?

Everyone in the group plays everyone twice, so that would be 6-8 matches total.

For this trial league, we're hoping everyone will play a couple of matches a week and get it wrapped up so we can get our true Maximum Darts leagues rolling.


The new leagues should be ready by April 1, so please try to finish your trial league matches by end of March to make sure you're available.

How long does it take to play a match?

We are trying to keep the format to about an hour per match.

The number of games played depend on the skill level of the group.

The types of games also differ based on skill level.

We are looking for feedback on the format to find the best options

What if a dart doesn't score properly

In a remote match, we have to accept the technology is not perfect.

  1. Darts that do not score correctly will NOT be re-scored

  2. Darts that do not register ANY score will NOT be re-scored

  3. Whatever the board scores (or doesn't score) is what counts


Use your best judgement for the situation.

If the issue cannot be resolved reasonably, pause the match and report the situation to a league admin who will investigate the following weekday.


If your board is constantly malfunctioning, you have the choice to:

  1. Ask your opponent to pause the match so you can reboot your board
  2. Continue playing with the malfunction
  3. Forfeit the remaining games
  4. Ask your opponent to reschedule and resume the match at a later date


If your opponents board is malfunctioning, you have the choice to:

  1. Ask your opponent to pause the match and reboot their board
  2. Continue playing with the malfunction
  3. Ask your opponent to reschedule and resume the match at a later date


We all play by the same rules.


No-Shows & Consequences

This is BAD. Very BAD.

We all enjoy a strong community together based on mutual respect and friendly competition.

A No-Show/No-Call is a serious offence and comes with serious consequences.


The link below describes this in more detail:

No-Shows & Consequences!/ Absence non-justifiée et les conséquences – Maximum Darts

7 Deadly Sins

Maximum Darts has a culture built on mutual respect.

Here is a helpful guide so you can know the expectations:

Seven Deadly Sins / Sept Péchés Capitaux – Maximum Darts

What if the camera fails and I can't see my opponent.

In the event of a camera malfunction, STOP PLAY IMMEDIATELY.