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Our Awesome Contest Closes August 8, 2019

The Rules are pretty simple:

  • Contest open to all ACTIVE league players that bring a new player as a full-time player in a doubles league

  • People that haven't played leagues in the past 6 months count as a new player for this contest

  • If you sign up a "new" player as your partner in a league and they play full-time, that counts.

  • If you are a New player bringing a New player, that DOESN'T count but anyone you bring "new" after that, WILL count.

  • You get 5 entries into the draw for EVERY "new" player that you get signed up and actively playing full-time in a league

  • The last day to gain entries is Aug. 8, 2019

  • The Draw will take place Aug. 10, 2019 during the RAMA Blind Draw with a live feed on Facebook.


Winners of the Draw who choose not to take the trip will receive $350 in lieu.



Prize Details

While everyone is getting ready for our Canadian winter and trying to find Halloween costumes that will fit over a snowmobile suit for the kiddies, you can be enjoying a riverside resort in Nevada, playing darts, and having a great time!


The prize package includes:

  • Airfare +

  • Hotel +

  • Tournament Entry Fees for main events +

  • Greens Fees (no coin drop) +

  • 2 Breakfast Buffets +

  • Banquet Ticket + 2 Drink Tickets


The Tournament:

  • October 3-5, 2019

  • $40,000 USD in Payouts (based on full field)

  • Thursday - optional Blind Draw or Mixed Doubles Combo

  • Friday - Cricket Doubles (flighted by division/skill)

  • Saturday -  '01 Singles (flighted by divisions/skil)


The Location:

  • Don Laughlin's Riverside Hotel & Casino


The Hotel + Tournament packages are available to anyone wanting to pay their own way.

Contact Us for details

Contact Us


Last Updated Jun 3, 2019


If we have missed anyone, please click the button below and drop us a message

wdt_ID Recruiter Entries Earned New League Member League
72 Bryan D'Sa 5 Lanny Da Silva MP5P19
71 Bryan D'Sa 5 Mike Ioannou MX5P19
70 Zachary Adams 5 Heidi Russell MX4A19
69 Zachary Adams 5 Les Vanduzen MX4A19
67 Les Vanduzen 5 Jay Harrison MX4A19
66 Harry Cellona 5 Chad Foote MX5M19
65 Marc Vezina 5 Maxime Bedard MX5M19
64 Ronnie Brittain 5 Peter Smith MX1M19
63 Chad Foote 5 Storm Seagar MX5M19
62 Zandra Charbonneau 5 Chris Case MX1Q19
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