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Mounting Brackets for GRAN Board

The Gran board DOES NOT include a mounting bracket.

You can mount the GRAN board to the wall with the “keyholes” on the back of the board:



A much better solution is the GRAN U-shaped bracket.

You can purchase this separately for $12.99 or included in the optional accessory kits.


This part mounts to the wall:

And this mounts to your GRAN board:


The round bracket is great for a steel tip bristle board.

It is compatible with the u-shaped bracket.

With both brackets, you can swap your GRAN board and Steel board quickly and easily.

It is sold separately for $12.99

The round design allows you to rotate your board when you wear out the Triple 20 (or Triple 1 like me)

if you want to switch your GRAN Board and Steel tip board, this make it very simple.

Plus, you can also put this extra wall bracket in another room, at the cottage, etc.