New Feature – Wait List / Backorder

The global supply chain continues to interfere with inventory levels.

To help you get the products you want, we have introduced a new “Wait List” feature in the shop to notify you when out of stock items arrive at our warehouse.

Not to be confused with the “Wish List”. Here’s the difference between the two:


– For your personal convenience to help you remember the items that you’re interested in but not ready to purchase right now. You can add both IN-STOCK and OUT-of-STOCK items to your WISH LIST.


– For OUT-of-STOCK items only. You will recieve an email letting you know when that item is available to purchase.


Is the item reserved for me?
No, sorry. This is an email notification when stock is increased
When will I be able to purchase the item?
ASAP. When you receive the email you can purchase right away until sold out.
If I add to my Wish List instead, will I get notified?
No, sorry. The Wish List is strictly for your own personal use. We cannot monitor Wish Lists.
Can I create a back order for Sold Out items?
No, sorry. Inventory is volatile right now. Even if you paid for it first, we cannot guarantee when it will arrive.
How do I see the items on my Wait List?
Simply select it from your profile:
Can I remove items from my Wait List?
Yes. In your Wait List there is an option to remove item.

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