MISSION Torus 270 – Super Bright Dartboard Lighting – Black

MSRP: $169.99


The best lighting system on the market!
Massive improvement over full ring lights. Allows unrestricted access when retreiving darts, especially for youth players.

No Shadows. No Glare. Quickly clips on or off with any steel-tip dartboard.
Ideal for use with any type of surround or even cabinets.

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The Torus 270 is a simple way to light your dartboard, without shadows.

It quickly clips to any steel tip dartboard and the unique 270-degree shape gives you easy access to retrieve your darts during play which is ideal for youth players. Once installed your Torus 270 won’t moved if knocked.

The lightweight frame features bright white LED lights to illuminate the entire dartboard, all without casting shadows or dazzling players. In this unique design, the inside edge of the light rail is tilted 25 degrees outwards to allow even more light to reach the board.

The Torus 270 clips firmly onto the dartboard, which means you can use it with any bristle board, with a board and surround, or even in a dartboard cabinet.


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