Mission Retractable Dartboard Measure – Board And Oche Guide

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Retractable Dartboard Tape Measure

Specifically designed for darts with measure marks for dartboard height and throw line.

Easy one-person use with metal hole for dart to secure to centre of bullseye.

Sturdy case with handy key-chain clip.

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Easily measure a set-up! A simple way to set up a dartboard ready for tournament play. Specifically designed for darts with measure marks for Dartboard height and the diagonal from the centre of the Bullseye to the Oche. This retractable Dartboard and Oche measure has a metal hole for the dart to be placed in the centre of the bullseye. The sturdy case has a handy key-chain clip. Pull the tape to extend the tape and press the button to retract it back into the case.


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