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Community Registration for TOC in Kansas

Use this form if you want to join the pool of MaxDarts players

Use your player account to self-register for special events such as

  • Cricket Singles Invitational

  • Elite or Gold Finale, or any of the

  • NON-FLIGHTED doubles and triples events

Use this form to join the community pool of players in the FLIGHTED doubles and triples events.

All other events are self-register in your player account.

We will do our best to register you for the selected events. Refunds will be issued for any event not successfully registered.

Mixed Doubles events are the most challenging depending on the number of female registrants. We’ll try to be as fair as possible.

**IMPORTANT** Once registered, refunds will NOT be issued. You have the option to find a replacement that fits under the team cap and obtain payment from that person.

Price includes $40 USD TOC registration plus applicable Paypal fees / exchange rate